(b) Healing Hurting Skin - Crusting Technique

"Crusting" is a technique to heal hurting skin around the stoma.

This technique is demonstrated by WOC Nurse.

 The products required for "crusting" are listed below.

Information provided by Ostomy 101 is NOT medical advice.  Consult a healthcare provider for all medical needs.

2 items you needed for Crusting.

1.  Stoma Powder

2. No-Sting Skin Barrier (available in a wipe or spray)

Many hospitals include these items in your take-home ostomy kit when you're discharged from the hospital.  You may already have one or both of these items.  

Stoma Powder and Skin Barrier spray or wipes are covered by most insurance.  You can order these items directly from an ostomy product Supplier or contact one of the Pouch Manufacturers for a sample.

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